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I'm Lica, founder of aPieceOf.Me.

One of the coolest things about Lisbon is that it still has these trades and old shops that have become rare in other places.

That’s why I love Lisbon. But while these places have been around for generations, they’re often missed by new visitors. That’s a shame, because a visit is an experience in itself. Travel to another world and time.

I started this project to tell their story. Our videos will introduce you to the human behind your new pair of shoes or sunglasses.

For us, the biggest surprise was that although the shops are old, the things they sell are awesome. I couldn’t resist and each ordered a pair of the Queen's Earrings. What are you going to take home? An overpriced fridge magnet? Or a piece of Lisbon?

Reach out to us for shopping advice, partnerships, if you want to be mentioned on our site, or just an open chat.

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We are proudly based at the Lisbon Impact Hub.

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